Scoot Slim Skins (one pair)

€ 53.00

Why Scoot Slim Skins

Scoot Slim Skins are the ultimate 'glue on' boot for the elite performance horse. They are the latest innovation in hoof boot technology and are superior and unique to any other 'glue on' horse boot on the market. Scoot Skins are constructed of a very strong thermoplastic urethane making them extremely robust and lightweight.

Riding in Scoot Skins will also allow you to take advantage of our proven tread design providing unparalleled traction when riding in slippery conditions. You will also be able to take advantage of the extended wear life of the Skin's soles giving you extra competitive miles.

Unique Features and Benefits

  • Can be glued on for the entire trim cycle due to the sole flushing design.
  • Easier glue manipulation.
  • Greater gluing area.
  • Superior traction.
  • Extra resets.
  • Durable and flexible.
  • Only 220g (8 ounces)
  • Open front allows toe of hoof to be seated in correct position.

What size does my horse need

Scoot Boot offers a free sizing service. When you take up our sizing service, you will be rewarded with free shipping and covered by our free exchange policy. Please see our Sizing Advice page for further information.

How do I glue my Scoot Skins

For successful application, gluing should only be undertaken by people who are skilled and experienced in gluing hoof boots.

Tools required and preparation of Scoot Skins

Application of the Skins

How do I clean my Scoot Skins during the trimming cycle

How do I remove my Scoot Skins

How long will my Scoot Skins last?

Approximately 1000ks (700 miles) but this will depend on the type of terrain and your horse's movement. Skins will need to be reset after every trim.

How long can I keep Skins on

Scoot Skins can be left on for a trimming cycle without bacteria build up under the hoof which can lead to many hoof health issues. The Skins self clean and the entire sole of the hoof can be flushed and medicated. This special feature saves effort and the expense of having to remove the boots to apply medicated hoof packing and re glue. At the same time the Skins still allow total sole protection.

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