Fitting Instructions


Boot up on a dry, clean, soft surface (ie a large rubber mat or piece of carpet). Use only one boot to confirm sizing for both hooves. We do not accept returns/exchanges for marked, dirty boots. If you return your Scoot Boots dirty we will not refund or exchange your boots. (To exchange please go to and complete the returns form at the bottom of the home page). When you are ready to boot up:

  • Ensure front closure straps are undone and the pastern strap is detached from one side on the rear of the boot
  • Pick up the hoof with the sole facing upwards in the trimming position and slip the toe of the hoof into the boot
  • Pull the rear of the boot over the bulbs and place the hoof onto the ground
  • You should be able to fit a finger between the strap and the bulbs. If you cannot do this, you are a size too small. At no time should the strap be placing pressure on the bulbs
  • The hoof should slip comfortably into the boot 
  • The fit should be snug and not tight or loose
  • To secure the front closure straps, grip the end of the strap with your thumb and forefinger. Stretch the strap over the knob hook at an angle and slip the elongated hole over the top or bottom edge of the knob hook
  • When the straps have been secured, they should have an even amount of tension all over. If you have difficulty securing, use a hoof pick or needle nose pliers. After riding you will find that the boot will mould to the hoof and the gap will reduce in width.
  • When the horse is standing upright, with its legs at 90 degrees, secure the security strap around the pastern and ensure that it is loose enough to be able to place two fingers between the strap and the pastern (at the front of the pastern). It is important the strap is set correctly to perform its function (not loose or not tight)
  • If you cannot place two fingers between the pastern strap and the pastern, loosen the pastern strap another hole. If the pastern strap is too tight, as the pastern flexes forward, the strap will pull the rear of the boot backwards and forwards over the rear of the hoof and cause rubbing. With the pastern strap set at the correct length this will not occur
  • Now that you have secured your Scoot Boots you need to ensure you have a snug fit – pick up the hoof and gently twist clockwise and anti clockwise. Your boot should not turn on the hoof (if the boot feels loose or sloppy you need to return your boots for a smaller size)

Fitting and taking off your Scoot Boots

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