Understanding the Equine Foot Part 1

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Well, I've been searching and thinking and trying to figure out what we can discuss that would best help YOU, the horse owner, trainer, even farrier and veterinarian or professional Hoofcare Provider this year, new year, 2018. 

I think we need to fill in some gaps ... 

We've discussed the parts of the hoof, their function, how they should be trimmed ... but we've never really gone over the FOOT of the horse. The foot, of course is what makes up the hoof ... and is the FOUNDATION of hoofcare in general. 

The FOOT is the inside of the hoof capsule. 

We all have heard that the capsule of the hoof should 'mirror' the horse's foot - inside BUT ... 

Do we all really KNOW what comprises the FOOT of the horse? 

I think that knowledge needs to be the very cornerstone of our mechanical care for hooves in terms of structure as well as the base of our understanding in the overall care of our horses' hooves. 


We've talked, also, about feeding the hooves as a base for soundness -- i.e. feeding the FOOT and we'll talk more on that as we go along. But let's get the foundation down pat before building any further. 

We all know if the foundation ain't solid then the house will fall - eventually, if not immediately. 

So I asked a friend of mine, Linda Harris, who has spent years learning exactly what makes up the FOOT of the hoof, the horse, if I may share her anatomical teachings to help Scoot Boot readers here. She agreed - so we will be embarking on a series of educational posts, coupled with Linda's videos, for the next few weeks. 

The better you know the INSIDE of the hoof, the better you will understand what is going on with the OUTSIDE of the hoof - the capsule

These videos are invaluable for the laymen, as well as the professionals, alike. 

Discussions can be held below concerning the contents of the videos ... I will be monitoring closely and will answer any questions you might have as soon as I can. 

Some of the first videos may be elementary to some; some of the information may be totally foreign to some. And some in between. Where ever you are, whatever you've learned, I guarantee there is more to learn!  

WARNING --  the illustrations in the video are graphic ... this is fair warning. You will see actual dissections of the horse hoof showing the FOOT and its parts. 

This is, essentially, a course in UnderstandingThe Equine Foot. 

I hope you enjoy. And, again, any questions, comments, etc can be posted below. 




Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate is the best-selling author of 10 Secrets to Healthy Hooves as well as a noted author for various international equine publications including The Horses Hoof, Equine Wellness, Natural Horse Planet as well as a contributing author for the 2001 United States Federal Mounted Border Patrol Training Manual. For the last 37+ years, she has maintained healthy hooves with natural trimming on thousands of horses and specialized in pathological rehabilitation hoofcare for the last 20 years. She and her husband John keep a small herd of their own equine in SW Florida and continue to offer consults for horses in need. You can email to Gwen -- or telephone in the US (239)-573-9687. For further information please click here:

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